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  3. Fuck it.

    I think I’m gonna write a poem a day. It kinda helps with my demons.

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  4. We are afraid to care too much, for fear that the other person does not care at all.
    Eleanor Roosevelt (via regardingsarah)

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    If I’m dating you, you don’t need to get jealous of other people. I am with you, only you. If you ever think I’m flirting with other people, I’m not. There’s a reason why I chose you and only you. I only want you, no one else. You are mine. I am yours.

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    did you ever become friends with someone so beautiful?  and then they started telling you about the douchebags in their lives that did horrible things to them, like cheat and lie. and the only thing running through your mind is “who would ever want to hurt someone like you?”

    My boyfriend has legit had this happen before.

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  9. Survivors have scars. Victims have graves.
    – Something that I need carved in my bones. (via beagmactire)

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  10. The One That Came Back

    Do you remember the day you first saw me?
    The day where I felt straight up weak in my knees?
    You saw me as I felt you,
    I swear you were brighter than anything else in the room.
    I turned around and there you were,
    Then the rest is just a blur.
    Days turned into months, as months turned into years.
    As time went by, all we focused on was our fears.
    But years later, here we are.
    I really never thought we’d make it this far.
    There were times where you would disappear,
    There were times where I would deny you were here.
    We worked through those long nights alone,
    We worked through our hearts being turned into stone.
    I’ll never forget the first night I spent in your arms.
    It was the first time I didn’t fear any harm.
    I know I’m not easy to be with, but neither are you.
    But, I know that no matter what happens, you’ll keep my skies blue.
    You fight away my demons when I’m too weak,
    You say the words when I cannot speak.
    You know how I feel before I say a word,
    You make all the bad dreams feel so very blurred.
    I know that with you, I can truly be me.
    I genuinely know that we are meant to be.
    I can say that I’ve never felt this way.
    I’ve never had a love that I needed to stay.
    I feel that you feel the same for me,
    Let me prove to you that you’re all I see.
    Let me fight your fears as you’ve fought mine,
    Let me be yours, when you lose your spine.
    You are my heart and life and love,
    Maybe all we needed was that final shove.
    The one that brought us completely together,
    The one that told us this’ll last ‘till the end of forever.
    Many people cry about the one that got away,
    But I praise the one who never refused to stay.
    I owe my life to the one who doesn’t slack,
    I owe my life to you, the one who always came back.

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1 out of 8 teenagers encountered some form of self-injury.

You’re not alone.


    1 out of 8 teenagers encountered some form of self-injury.

    You’re not alone.

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    My swear jar could afford a Ferrari.

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